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Special Photo Highlights | Our Anya

Lullaby Images Hong Kong Photographer

With our daughter Anya approaching 7 months in a few weeks, here is my better-late-than-never post with a few highlight images from her early days.

Despite my attempts at negotiating with her to not join us before her date due, our daughter Anya was born two weeks early, on the 15th November 2017. I was still enjoying being pregnant. Even being that huge with all the symptoms that came with it. Luckily I had just about managed to squeeze in my own maternity bump photo session on a Saturday, only 4 days before we met her (post coming soon!).

Lullaby Images Hong Kong Photographer

It was the day after my maternity bump session, when I was trying to finish off the photo processing for my last newborn session that was shot only half a week earlier… I started to feel signs that Anya might be joining us sooner rather than later. After two days of rushing around to get my ducks in a row, she arrived after 17 hours of labour.   

I fully admit to being selfish. After she was born, I loved taking time for us. Swooning over every little fleeting facial expression, and soaking up all her tiny details from her shrivelled tiny raisin feet, to the shape of her ears. 

I allowed myself to be dormant from everyone else’s expectations, fulfilling nothing but Anya and my own needs. It’s been genuinely refreshing, not worrying about what others may feel, think or want. To a large extent, it was definitely a bit of a self preservation mechanism, needed in order to cope with this new life challenge. 

Lullaby Images Hong Kong Photographer

In hindsight, it may have been a little bit much insisting on taking her newborn photos myself. I was definitely stubborn and it was SO impractical, given how exhaustion won out on many of the days that I thought I would try and do a photo session with her… but I had been looking forward to taking my own baby’s photos since before I was even pregnant, so how could I not have? I do absolutely love the collection of newborn photographs that we do have of her, even if I didn’t get to cross off all the images on my definitely over-the-top epic shot list that I had dreamed of ahead of time! Naturally, I can’t help myself taking photographs of her every day… recording every mini milestone, every new expression, every cute outfit, every moment that melts my heart ❤

Lullaby Images Hong Kong Photographer


Lullaby Images is run by Louise Ng, a full time mum and a part time professional newborn photographer. Louise loves photographing newborns, capturing beautiful baby photographs; from classic timeless posed images, to lifestyle portraits and adorable detail shots of pouty lips.

Based in Hong Kong, Lullaby Images specialises in newborn baby photography. Our mission is to ensure you have a beautiful collection of timeless photographs, by capturing the priceless tiny details of a baby’s first days. Louise has been a photographer since 2000 and has been professionally trained by two award winning photographers in newborn posing and safety.

We don’t do engagements, weddings or corporate events. We specialise exclusively in newborn portrait photography. So you know that your baby is in the safest hands, being posed with their well being at the heart of every movement and image.


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