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Lullaby Images offers a highly personalised bespoke experience. You are investing in 20 years of photography experience, artistic talent and technical expertise. We only do newborn baby photography, so have specialist training and photography experience in baby safety. Our newborn sessions are entirely baby-led, with the little ones’ comfort as the number one priority.

Please contact Louise on contact@lullabyimages.com to find out about session & service prices, and information on any current running promotions.


This is appropriate for newborns and also older babies. The session itself is up to two hours. Images are only lightly edited in photoshop.

A lifestyle baby photography session style takes a more candid approach either at your home, or alternatively at an outdoor venue like a park or beach with good natural light. The baby images are not posed in a traditional way on a bean bag, like the art style images. Instead, there is more emphasis on capturing moments with the family and baby together, with only a few posed moments to capture all the little one’s unique details. 


A Lullaby Images’ studio newborn baby photography session is ideal for newborn babies 10-20 days new. The session itself is up to 3-4 hours.

The studio is a self contained apartment in Sheung Wan. This allows us to have complete control over the environment itself, ensuring complete cleanliness with baby friendly cleaning products, as well as the ability to maintain perfect room temperature to keep your little one comfortable throughout the shoot.

We have a collection of blankets, wraps, hats, headbands, props and backdrops available for the session, to make the most of posed traditional baby images. A studio session ensures the best quality of images as the space set up perfectly for an optimal session, with the best lighting and also plenty of space for the newborn bean bag and frame set up.   

For the parents, the studio enjoys a large comfortable sofa to relax and enjoy the photography session, as well as a lovely 400sq ft  terrace.

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The ideal time to do newborn baby photography sessions is for babies 10-20 days new. In this window they sleep so heavily through the transitional poses, and are still very flexible and bendy. I only schedule one session a day. This is a highly personalised bespoke session in your home with no other sessions scheduled on the day, so the experience is not rushed in any way and we can continue until we have a beautiful rounded collection of posed traditional baby images. I will take as much time as necessary to ensure you have a complete collection of photographs that beautifully document all your little one’s precious details.

This includes bringing the necessary photography equipment to your home for a successful session (lighting if required, pre-selected limited range of blankets, wraps, hats/headbands, prop).

There may be an extra transport charge for home visits to locations without car parking facilities, which would always be discussed in a pre-session consultation.


Lullaby Images’ 3D baby hand and feet stone castings are a fabulous way to capture the size and details of your little ones hands and feet, with all the tiny lines and creases. The plaster stone castings are a beautiful way to immortalise these details and make incredible unique keepsakes. They can be finished in metallic pearl, silver, gold, clear matte white, clear gloss white finishes. We also offer a frame mounting service. The castings are usually ready for collection within 4 weeks.

Watch this space! 

More information on Lullaby Images’ 3D baby hand and feet casting service, coming soon… 


Lullaby Images’ pregnancy belly casting service, is a plaster casting made of an expecting mother’s beautiful belly. This is a 3D sculpture for the purpose of being a keepsake and can be used as a unique bowl prop for your newborn baby photography session.

The session only takes around 30-60 minutes and is done in the 34-36 week of pregnancy. The casting itself can be finished in a variety of ways from, painting to applying a thin layer of plaster casting stone to smooth out the finish and reinforce the strength.

Watch this space!

More information on Lullaby Images’ belly casting service, coming soon…


Lifestyle, studio newborn and home newborn photography sessions include:

  • Pre-session consultation by phone and/or email, whatever is most convenient for you. This helps us understand what kind of images you like so we can tailor the session to your preferences, and also allows us to go through any questions you may have about the session itself.
  • The time and talent of a professional photographer, with 3 hours custom bespoke photoshoot at our studio, your home or a natural space.
  • Includes some family and/or sibling photographs with the little one, posed and/or lifestyle images.
  • The post processing of your images in a digital darkroom to a professional standard.
  • You will receive a total a minimum of 50 images (25 in colour and also the same converted into black/white). The images are delivered in high resolution JPEG files by an online password protected gallery within 3 weeks of the session. The gallery is mobile friendly and can be used to view and download the images on any device or computer.
  • Includes the use of Lullaby Images’ props, blankets, hats, etc, curated and chosen by the photographer for the session.
  • The collection will capture the details of all your baby’s uniques details and features e.g. the shape of your baby’s ears, pout, lips, eyes, eye lashes, hair crown, feet, hands . . .

They do not include:

  • The additional cost of any A La Carte products such as canvas prints, photobook albums, flat cards, magnets etc. Please contact us for our Lullaby Images Menu.
  • Any extra charges for home visits in remote locations without car parking facilities, to be discussed at pre-session consultation.
  • Any RAW image files.
  • The additional cost for a clients requests to provide further image processing (photoshop services), at the discretion of Lullaby Images.


  • A session fee equivalent to a 50% deposit is required at the time of booking to confirm your tentative session date.
  • The remaining 50% balance payment for the session is due 14 days before the scheduled session itself.
  • Payment for any A La Carte products are due at the time of ordering.
  • All payments are none refundable, with the exception of genuine extraordinary circumstances and only at the discretion of Lullaby Images Ltd. We are all human after all, and we do understand that sometimes there are unique circumstances at play.


All images are the exclusive copyright and property of Lullaby Images Ltd. They may not be reproduced, altered or published for commercial purposes without written consent. Lullaby Images reserves the right to use the portrait session images on Lullaby Images’ website, blog, social media platforms or any relevant marketing material. By booking a session with Lullaby Images you agree to these terms and conditions.