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Newborn Posed Photography & Lifestyle Newborn Sessions

I have read countless articles online essentially arguing that traditional newborn photography and lifestyle newborn photography, are on opposite sides of a spectrum, with an ‘either or’ tone; or newborn photographers declaring what they love to do more. I personally love both. They offer their own respective challenges which both spark my passion. Whether its working to creatively harness the natural light in a client’s home, which can be tough in compact Hong Kong; or having the endless patience to not only perfect a baby pose carefully placing all the little fingers and toes, but also carry all the extra photography gear necessary to achieve the stylised set up in the first place! At the end of the day my passion is driven by wanting to achieve a complete collection of newborn photographs, that my clients can proudly share with their loved ones and cherish as their baby grows. They only stay so little for such a short time.

All newborn photography sessions are entirely baby led. It’s because of this that not only the timing of when the session is booked, but also which part of the day the session is scheduled is so important. If you adore those curled up newborn posed stylised images, it is vital that you contact me before you have your baby. This will mean I can pencil in your due date and keep a space free in my calendar. Spaces are limited because I only do one session a day, three times a week. I never want to rush a session and prefer to allow as much time as needed to ensure you have a perfect complete collection of images.

After you have had your baby, you would reach out again to let me know as soon as possible, so we can pin down a session date. For the more stylised posed newborn photographs done on a newborn posing bean bag, the magic age is within the first 14 days, ideally 5-7 days new if possible. In this period newborn babies enjoy milk drunk deep sleeps, making them easiest for me to pose without them stirring or awakening. This really is the key to a successful posed newborn session, allowing me plenty of time to carefully set up and perfect each shot, from their cute curly shapes to their unique details.

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Lifestyle Newborn Photography Lullaby Images

If this timeframe doesn’t work out for you or you prefer a more candid approach, a lifestyle session at your home is a lovely option. Babies are considered newborns up until around 3 months old. This style is more candid and natural, capturing the sweet emotion between the parents and little one. Whilst the studio newborn bean bag is not brought along, the collection is complete including the adorable close up detail shots like their tiny fingers and even tinier toes, and also a few simpler more natural poses. For these sessions the little one doesn’t need to be in a deep sleep.

I have always had a passion for travel and street photography. It’s all about that particular moment in time, actually recognising and seeing it for what it is, then capturing it in a visually interesting composition with beautiful lighting. The lifestyle sessions are the same. For many sleep deprived parents, these early days end up often a hazy memory. A professional photographer documenting those initial moments when the air is heavy with nothing but love, offers a special level of intimacy.

Lullaby Images offers both styles of newborn photography. This includes posed sessions at our studio in Kennedy Town, or as a home session; as well as newborn photography lifestyle sessions for slightly older newborn babies. If you’re an expecting parent, contact me today before your baby is born, to talk about your newborn photography session.


Lullaby Images is a Hong Kong based portrait studio specialising in newborn and baby photography. Our mission is to ensure you have a beautiful collection of timeless photographs, by capturing the priceless tiny details of a baby’s first days. Louise has been a photographer since 2000 and has been professionally trained by two award winning photographers in newborn posing and safety.

We don’t do engagements, weddings or corporate events. We specialise exclusively in newborn portrait photography. So you know that your baby is in the safest hands, being posed with their well being at the heart of every movement and image.


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