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Newborn Photography With Baby Jasper, At 14 Days New

Lullaby Images Hong Kong Photographer

This newborn photography session was planned as my last one before I officially put a pause on sessions for my maternity break, scheduled at week 36 in my pregnancy. I had been genuinely surprised at how mobile and flexible (ish) I had continued to be, even in the third trimester, and I believe it must have been down to getting on with the studio sessions! I have really enjoyed this month, being blessed to get to know some lovely new mums and cuddling their little ones only made me more and more impatient to meet our own baby.

Having a baby is such a profound time in a couples life. One of the biggest life changes and challenges they may face together. That is why it is so important to be flexible and patient when it comes to scheduling our newborn photography sessions, with a moving birth window, but also to accommodate the families who face a little more of a challenge than others in the beginning.

I first met baby Jasper when he was 10 days new and we took some beautiful family portraits. Though, as we moved to the his close ups on the newborn posing beanbag, it ended up just being one of those days where wanted to stay cuddled. It was my pleasure to schedule a mini part two session at 14 days new, as I always want my clients to have the best chance at a complete rounded collection where possible. So I was lucky enough to cuddle this little blondie over two days, and get to know his wonderful mum!

Here are a few highlights from my last newborn photography session, before taking a break to have my own little one . . .

Lullaby Images Hong Kong Photographer

Lullaby Images Hong Kong Photographer



Lullaby Images is a Hong Kong based portrait studio specialising in newborn and baby photography. Our mission is to ensure you have a beautiful collection of timeless photographs, by capturing the priceless tiny details of a baby’s first days. Louise has been a photographer since 2000 and has been professionally trained by two award winning photographers in newborn posing and safety.

We don’t do engagements, weddings or corporate events. We specialise exclusively in newborn portrait photography. So you know that your baby is in the safest hands, being posed with their well being at the heart of every movement and image.


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