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While I still pine for the days spent in the dark room developing my own roll film, contact sheets and prints; I love the freedom from working with my full frame Canon 5D mark III DSLR. As I often shoot wide open, I work with a range of lenses that start from a f/1.2 aperture and will use different lenses, depending on the type of shot and pose.

Where possible I love working with natural light, but I do appreciate the reliability of using a studio light as well. With newborn portraits, I stay away from flashes which can potentially startle a baby and be too overwhelming in their first days. Instead if needed, I use a soft continuous LED daylight with a diffuser that casts out a gentle feathering light over the baby. This ensures a beautiful consistent lighting quality that helps capture the finer details, without worrying if it will be a gloomy weather day.


I work with a large full size [40”x 12’] newborn posing beanbag in my studio, which is large enough to use for posing newborn twins together. For home visits, I have a slightly smaller beanbag [30”x12”] which is easier to travel with. Both are used with a sturdy back drop stand, clamps and a collection of different backdrop fabrics and blankets.

  • Newborn Baby Photography Hong Kong

I have also developed an addiction to collecting newborn baby props, wraps, blankets, hats, beanies, backdrops, headbands, booties … many are completely unique because they were made with love by my fabulously creative mother herself, while others have been purchased from dedicated craft makers around the world.