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Some frequently asked questions are detailed below for your reference. If you have any additional questions you wish to discuss, please feel free to give me a call +852 9443 8806  or email contact@lullabyimages.com

1. When should I call to schedule my newborn session?
To ensure a space at Lullaby Images, please contact us before you have your baby, ideally in the second trimester. This gives you plenty of time to ask any questions you may have ahead of time, we can try to personalise the shoot and it also means that you can avoid disappointments by tentatively penciling in your session into my schedule.

2. How old should my baby be for the newborn session?
Newborn images are usually done before fourteen days new. An ideal window is when they are four to ten days new. Being this new, they are usually happy to be curled up into different poses and also tend to enjoy their milk drunk sleeps more heavily, which helps the sessions flow nicely. I am also happy to take photos when they are a little older, as technically babies area considered newborns until they are around three months old. The type of photographs produced may be quite different when they are at the older age of this spectrum, leaning more to lifestyle shots instead of posed images.

3. What happens if my baby comes early/later or there are complications with the birth that affects the scheduled session date?
I understand that things don’t always go to plan, especially with babies! So I do offer a reasonable amount of flexibility with rescheduling the session date, if genuinely required. So I can plan my time effectively to ensure my other clients are also looked after, I do ask that you contact me to let me know whats going on as soon as their are any changes perceived on the horizon. Cancellations or rescheduling requests within 24 hours of the booked session, without a medical emergency or urgent reason are none refundable.

4. How should I prepare for my newborn session?
If I am coming to your home, please don’t worry about tidying up or cleaning. You definitely have more important priorities and that should be the lowest on your list. If there are any items you want to include to personalise the session, do let me know ahead of time so I can pick out appropriate fabrics and other items to compliment. If you are coming to my studio, please just come and enjoy. I have an area for you to relax and always make some light refreshments available for you to enjoy.

5. What should I wear or dress my newborn in for the session?
It is usually better if parents are wearing neutral clothing without busy patterns or branding, this is less distracting for any family shots, ensuring your precious little one is the star of the show. Your baby will be photographed largely in their birthday suit [with a few accessories, wraps, blankets etc], so I always ask parents to loosen the nappy about 30 minutes before the session to ensure there are no imprint marks on their skin.

6. Do you have your own props or should I prepare my own?
I have an extensive collection of props, blankets, wraps, hats, beanies, headbands… but I do love personalising sessions, so if you have an item that you would like to include in the session, that is always very welcomed.

7. How long does a session take?
As the sessions are entirely baby led, it can last anywhere from two to four hours, depending on how your little one is feeling and also planned largely around their feeding routine. A session is usually best 30 minutes after a feeding. If I am coming to your home, I would like to arrive and set up around the same time your due to feed them. If it is not a home session, we have a private and comfortable area for you to use at the studio, and it’s best if you could plan your arrival slightly before feeding time is due. I try to ensure that the flow of the session is as efficient as possible, of course, you can’t plan for every eventuality though and we just go with the flow of how your little one is feeling. I will endeavour to make them as comfortable as possible, using white noise generators to sooth them and also ensure that they are kept nice a warm. Their comfort and happiness is my priority from the moment we meet, so I normally clear my day to allow for greatest flexibility.

8. When will I get my images?
I strive to send you the finished polish off photoshopped images by a digital online client gallery within 2-3 weeks of the session, and where possible, I will get it across sooner.

9. How will I receive my images?
The gallery is presented in a fantastic fully mobile friendly platform so you can enjoy the images on any tablet or phone device, as well as of course your computer. The photographs can be downloaded as a batch or individually, and easily shared with any only social media platforms, should you wish. If you live in an area where the internet speed is a concern and flag this with me, I am happy to also pass you the photos saved on a USB memory device instead.

10. What safety and hygiene precautions do you take?
The safety of your baby is my priority at all times. When they are so little their immune systems have not fully developed; so I personally ensure that my studio and props are cleaned using baby friendly anti-bacterial cleaners and my fabrics are all washed in non bio detergents. I always have a heavy stash of baby wipes, anti-bacterial hand sanitiser, towels, cloth nappies and absorbent pads. All props I use are also carefully selected and crafted with love, to ensure that they are appropriate for the shoot. We make sure the room is maintained at a toasty 26-28°C [78-82°F] and they are never cuddled with cold hands. For more advanced poses, I always ask for your help to support the little one and take several images, then work magic in photoshop after the shoot. This means that they are never uncomfortable and are always fully supported. I personally also keep up to date with all my vaccinations and get the annual flu jab.

11. How long have you been a photographer?
My father is a prominent Hong Kong actor, so from a young age I have had a huge appreciation of cinematography and the power of photography to move people. I picked up my first analogue SLR camera in 2000, a gift from my father, and haven’t looked back since. I’ve enjoyed working with both analogue cameras, digital SLRs and mirror-less cameras. There is nothing I love more than observing the world around me, and capturing moments.

12. Why do photographers charge what they charge?

Being a photographer is an expensive profession. The cost of the camera, lenses, gear, props, insurance is quite extensive and the sky is definitely the limit. It is also worth keeping in mind that you are not only paying for someone to simply press a button on a fancy camera, you are investing in their knowledge and experience to compose the image beautifully and know which lenses will work best for that shot. After the photoshoot, it’s also an investment in their ability to post process the images i.e. selecting and culling the batch of photographs and doing any necessary photoshop retouches to polish off the photo.

13. Have you taken any workshops or had any training in posing newborns?
Absolutely. I am endlessly reading articles, blogs, books and watching videos on newborn photography. I have also been professionally trained completing two separate newborn posing and safety courses, taught by two international award winning experts, Kelly Brown of Little Pieces Photography (Australia) and Julia Kelleher of Jewel Images (USA). For newborn photography specifically, with advanced poses your babies safely is most important. So it is vital that your newborn portrait photographer has the training and experience to ensure that your baby is always comfortable and well supported.

14. Do you have a studio or will you travel to my home?
I like to offer my clients complete flexibility, so I offer my services as either a home visit, or alternatively it is my pleasure to invite you to come to my home studio in Clearwater Bay. Regardless of your situation and home environment, we can work together to tailor the session to your needs. This works well for mothers and newborns who prefer to stay in the safety of their home nest. Adversely, for those whose home space may be a little too cozy for the photo session, I strive to ensure my studio is safe, clean, comfortable and convenient for my clients.

15. Do you have an assistant to help with the session?
Not usually. The session always feels more successful and meaningful when the parents are involved. A baby is never left alone, I make sure that there is always a spotter near by to ensure that the little one is safe and supported at all times.

16. Are you comfortable with preemies?
Yes. it is important to make me aware of any medical issues, so we can make an appropriate judgement call on the best age to schedule the session. Normally with all things being well, their session would still be scheduled four to fourteen days from their expected due date, regardless on if they were too excited to meet you and came early. I have experience with preemies and do understand every little one is different, so happy to work together with you to help you catch some beautiful portraits.

17. When is payment due?
A 50% deposit is due at the time of scheduling the session in order to pencil it in my calendar. The rest of the balance is due on the day of the session itself.