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Baby Charlotte, 10 Days New | Lullaby Images Newborn Photography

Lullaby Images Newborn Photography

Baby Charlotte came in for a newborn photography session at my home photography studio in Sheung Wan when she was only 10 days new.

She has the most adorable squishy cheeks and was quite happy being curled up, in my new posing bean bag.

I am always endeavouring to improve and streamline the flow of a session. To that end, I have started to move away from using the standard large industry standard newborn photography bean bag, to a more compact innovative one that fully supports the baby. I have also in the last few months switched to enjoy the reliability of a continuous LED sunlight with a large diffuser, over natural light. While I still love working with natural light, it doesn’t always offer the best results on darker days and I have hated not having that aspect of a shoot within my control.

Our session with baby Charlotte was lovely. She was a star model who was only too happy to sleep after a good feed and snug wrapping. She started to stir a little towards the end of the session, when she was nearing another feed, but we had already managed to capture a good range of both macro close ups and stylised posed compositions. For the family portrait with her mum, as she was awake again, we captured a few simple elegant portraits, including a lovely intimate one with Charlotte looking directly at the camera.

Lullaby Images Newborn Photography

Lullaby Images Newborn Photography


Lullaby Images is run by Louise Ng, a full time mum and a part time professional newborn photographer! Louise loves photographing newborns, capturing beautiful baby photographs; from classic timeless posed images, to lifestyle portraits and adorable detail shots of pouty lips.

Based in Hong Kong, Lullaby Images specialises in newborn and baby photography. Our mission is to ensure you have a beautiful collection of timeless photographs, by capturing the priceless tiny details of a baby’s first days. Louise has been a photographer since 2000 and has been professionally trained by two award winning photographers in newborn posing and safety.

We don’t do engagements, weddings or corporate events. We specialise exclusively in newborn portrait photography. So you know that your baby is in the safest hands, being posed with their well being at the heart of every movement and image.


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