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Baby App Round Up

We live in a very digital age. Use this to your advantage and embrace some apps designed to make being a parent that little bit easier. Definitely helped me get to grips with things and remember stuff when my short term memory was seriously foggy (truthfully it still is!). Here is a round up of some of the apps that helped me get through the first 8 months.

Lullaby Images Newborn Photography

  • Baby Nursing •

Lullaby Images Newborn Photography

Baby brain = short term memory. Deal with it with this app to track every from nursing, sleeping, poops, pees, baby measurements, pumping output, milestones… etc. For the first few months I used a personalised google spread sheet, as I wanted my husband to be able to update it as well real time, so we had the same information where ever we were. When it became less about careful monitoring, and more about convenience for me and helping my short term memory, I switched to this Baby Nursing App. It’s user friendly and makes updating records easy.

• Cloud Baby Monitor •

Lullaby Images Newborn Photography

If you have an ipad or spare old iPhone the Cloud Baby Monitor App is fab. Dedicate one device as the ‘child’ monitor and one (or as many as you want) as the ‘parent’ device and it’s as simple as that really. We love the inbuilt lullaby and white noise feature, which is cleverly sound cancelled when it comes through to the parent device. Additionally, you can control what is playing as well the volume, remotely from the parent device. They charge for ipad/iphone app and then separately for the mac app, but honestly, it’s a drop in the ocean compared to the cost of buying a big brand baby monitor system, with many having only so-so feedback and mixed reviews. it works if both devices are on the same wifi network, or you can also use the ‘unlimited range’ feature enabling tuning in from almost anywhere.

We also tried baby monitor 3G which is compatible with both mac and android. Unfortunately you cannot control the white noise remotely from the parent app, and this has become quite the must have feature for us in our sleep training endeavours. It has quite literally been the difference of getting up in the night vs. reaching over to your phone on your bedside table, whacking up the white noise volume a little higher or changing from white noise to a lullaby.

• Relax Melodies •

Lullaby Images Newborn Photography

Not all white noise apps are created equally. This is not just a bog standard white noise app. Relax Melodies allows you to layer as many continuous sounds and noises as you want. You can adjust the volume of each respective sound item as well and also send it to your bluetooth speaker. It has almost every type of white noise you can think of, Lullaby Melodies and even meditations as well. There is also a timer, alarm and adjustable brightness night time clock feature, plus you can favourite the sound you created! As an alternative, I’ve also used ‘Sound sleeper’ and ‘Lullaby HD’ (formerly ‘Jenny Honey’) which are good too. All continue, even if you switch to a different app or use your phones other features (some apps cut out!).

• NICE Guidance (National Institute for Health and Care Excellence) •

Lullaby Images Newborn Photography

I found myself frequently questioning the Hong Kong medical standards compared to the UK, on the basis that it can be common for some private medical advice to be offered with undertones of scheduling and the billing in mind… The NICE App was great as an easy reference guide for getting to grips with the NICE standards from the UK, to help in grounding what is considered the ’norm’. Also great for most general health related concerns, not just prenatal and baby issues.

• The Wonder Weeks •

Lullaby Images Newborn Photography

From the same people behind the famous book, the Wonder Weeks App is an easy quick reference regarding the development of your baby from week to week. I found it really insightful to understand what my baby was potentially going through at different stages with ‘developmental leaps’, new abilities etc.

• Kinedu •

Lullaby Images Newborn Photography

Very popular with UK based mums. Kinedu is great for play ideas with lots of suggested activities to aid in baby development according to the age of your baby with categories including ‘physical’, cognitive’, ‘linguistic’, ‘social and emotional’

• Baby See •

Lullaby Images Newborn Photography

Who knows how accurate this really is, but it is a fun one. In a nutshell the Baby See App uses your phone camera to show you what your baby’s eye sight is like based on date of birth.

• Adorable •

Lullaby Images Newborn Photography

Adorable App is a fun photo editor to add text and decorations to your images. Get creative and celebrate your mini milestones and announcements, with lots of different templates and artwork overlays and filters to choose. Saves you needing to buy a pack of actual milestone announcement cards to place next to your baby and photograph, as you can easily add them later to any picture.

What’s your favourite baby and parenting apps? Which others would you recommend? Share the love and leave your feedback in the comments below xxx


Lullaby Images is run by Louise Ng, a full time mum and a part time professional newborn photographer! Louise loves photographing newborns, capturing beautiful baby photographs; from classic timeless posed images, to lifestyle portraits and adorable detail shots of pouty lips.

Based in Hong Kong, Lullaby Images specialises in newborn and baby photography. Our mission is to ensure you have a beautiful collection of timeless photographs, by capturing the priceless tiny details of a baby’s first days. Louise has been a photographer since 2000 and has been professionally trained by two award winning photographers in newborn posing and safety.

We don’t do engagements, weddings or corporate events. We specialise exclusively in newborn portrait photography. So you know that your baby is in the safest hands, being posed with their well being at the heart of every movement and image.


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